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Michael F Rader LLC - Pallet Projects By Michael

Michael F Rader LLC was originally founded in October of 2019 but officially registered in June of 2020. Originally Michael F Rader LLC was LLC'd for naming purposes for future projects. However, between October of 2019 and June of 2020, Pallet Projects By Michael began to take shape. Today Michael F Rader LLC is the registered business and does business as Pallet Projects By Michael.

My pallet work began in July of 2019 when I begun stockpiling pallets. Originally my plan was to make small craft items and painting related projects. However, this plan kept getting pushed back due to my full time job. Come the end of October, early November, of 2019 and I had switched gears entirely and decided I was going to make full size pallet projects such as tables, benches, etc.

My early projects (benches) were quite literally just build as I go concepts that I had no idea where I was going with. As time I went on I would build whatever came to mind. This was my original plan, yet, that changed as time went on.

Eventually I began to take requests for builds. Today I still build as I imagine and even my requests are my concepts. However, I had said I would not take on painting, staining, sanding, or finishing. Yet as time passed and I wished to grow the business, I started doing these things. Today, from start to finish I create the concept, build it, and finish it.

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